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An Old Fashioned Education

This is a great website which those frugal mamas will love. It is a directory of sites and books categorised by subject, and they are all FREE. The books are a combination of living books and textbooks. How amazing is that?

For those who follow Charlotte Mason method... this is the ultimate site and offer guidelines for curriculum and book from kinder to year 12.

Free ebook downloads
Project Gutenburg
Free classics and other books, from Austen to Bronte, Dickens to Hugo, Kipling, Stevenson, brothers Grimm and many more.

Confessions of a Homeschooler
This is the site of a super-organised mum. She offers meal planners, chore planners, blog planners, unit studies on the classics, world geography, and famous artists to name a few...

Homeschool Chicks
These 5 bloggers team up and use their strengths to create some awesome resources. They also have a blogroll so that you can linkup.

Teaching with TLC
Fun and creative ideas for homeschoolers

Art PDF files for picture studies

Story of the world video links
This site lists in videos to accompany each chapter in story of the world by S. Bauer

Story of the World lesson ideas
A large number of resources to be used with each lesson

Music theory printable games

TJED - Thomas Jefferson Education AKA Leadership education
TJED Trenches
TJED Mothers
Freedom Educators

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